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inflate doll Vibe Voice
Manufacturer: Debra

Female love doll, which can be perfect accessory of intimate acts, bachelorparties. Average height and body size, has 3D- face. The tubular shaped, open body parts at the lumbar part of the body can be completed by the vagina and anus that are made of 100% medical silicone and part of the product. In order to increase pleasure, the open body part can be...

61,95 €
Love Doll "Mandy Mystery"
Manufacturer: You2toys

 Inflatable love doll with the face and body copying insatiable Mandy. Blond hair, big boobs, a deep throat, a slippery vagina and a heavenly tight anus are always ready. Comes with repair kit.

42,95 €
"Just Jug's" Love Doll
Manufacturer: XXX

Life-sized inflatable love doll with full breasts, three love holes (oral, vaginal, anal). and a printed face and hair. Material: PVC.

29,95 €
African Queen Lovedoll
Manufacturer: You2toys

Inflatable life-size doll with a velvet brown skin, a willing mouth, tight vagina and anus opening.

29,95 €
Lusting TRANS
Manufacturer: XXX

Trans love doll to fall in love with! Her beautiful, realistic printed-on face and brown hair (photo) are real eye-catchers and her pink mouth is waiting for you to sink your hard penis deep inside it. As soon as you see her large breasts with erect nipples, you will want to caress and pleasure them with your tongue straight away! 

54,95 €
Love Doll "Anna"
Manufacturer: You2toys

 Life-sized inflatable kneeling love doll with three tight pleasure holes and voluptuous breasts with hard nipples. Imprinted blond hair and face.

31,95 €
Love Doll "Joann"
Manufacturer: You2toys

She will fulfil all your sexual desires! »Joann« drives every man crazy. Stand up and experience this dream girl: her angel-like face, her sexy lips giving you quite a blow-job, her incredibly beautiful body with velvet skin and firm breasts. She goes along with any sexual position, her tight pussy and ass are ready for you. Inflatable to life...

29,95 €
Ocean Lovedoll
Manufacturer: You2toys

Her playmate for wild sex-games. Her wet vagina, her greedy mouth, and her wonderful narrow anus are waiting for you. Pick her like a melow fruit! Lifesize blow up. Lovedoll with brown skin and brunette hair!

26,95 €
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