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Fetish Fantasy Series Bedroom Lovers Kit View larger
23,95 €
Fetish Fantasy Series Bedroom Lovers Kit
Manufacturer: Fetish Fantasy series

Turn your bedroom into a erotic playground with the Bedroom Lovers Kit. This kinky collection is perfect for bondage beginners and offers something exciting for everyone. Break the ice with a flirty game of erotic dice, then blindfold your lover and begin to take advantage of your subject.

23,95 €
Squirt Ball Boob

Squeeze or squirt! Plastic boob with a hard, permeable squirter nipple. It can be filled with water (or other liquids). Can be squeezed and be used as a stress boob or for splashy fun in the bathtub. Ø 7.5 cm. Plastic.

6,95 €
Female Doctor Apron

White apron with a picture on it. 74 cm long, 58 cm wide. It can be tied at the back with the strings. 100% polyester.

9,95 €
Dice Set pack of 4

A set of 4 black dice (25 x 25 x 25 mm) with gold-coloured pictures on them. The pictures are of a "position", a "place", an "accessory" and a "body part". Acrylic, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH.

11,95 €
Card Game Kama Sutra

Fun with various sex positions! Card game with 54 colourful cards that depict a cheeky comic couple in various sexual positions from the Kama Sutra. Inspires and encourages to try them for yourselves! Perfect as a cheeky or naughty gift. Each card also has the respective symbols (hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs) on it. Cardboard. 

7,95 €
Love Dice Kama Sutra Nl/de/en/fr

MOODZZ, maker of the internationally acclaimed erotic game Discover Your Lover, knows how to turn even a simple die into a deliciously erotic instrument: Love Dice! One die contains six stimulating Kama Sutra positions to bring a little playful variation into your love life. 

5,99 €
Boob Cube

Rubik's Cube with pictures of boobs on it. 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm. ABS, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH.

9,95 €
Bath Sponge Penis

Bath Sponge, Penis, ca. 19 cm, 3 colours ass., in poly bag with header card

2,99 €
Pecker Tickle Whip

Mini whip with a penis-shaped shaft and uncountable latex tails. Approx. 26 cm long, colour: black.

5,99 €
Strip Poker

Ready for an erotic game? 54 poker-cards for an (un)reputable gents-evening! Trumps are blond/black/brown and red. Enjoy the gambling...

5,95 €
Partner Swap cards

Card game with intimate questions as well as erotic and sexual tasks.3 levels and 70 cards per level. There is a task for a man and a woman on each card. Suitable for people who are 18+. For a minimum of 4 players.

19,95 €
Bachelorette Party Favors Dicky Sipping Straws Pink/purple 10pc.
Manufacturer: pipedream

 At your next party, have your guests wrap their lips around these festive straws. Each straw has a dicky mouth piece that looks so inviting, your guests will be looking for their own dicky straw. 

5,95 €
Dice "What´s next"

Do you need some help deciding which sex-position should come next? Then just roll this 12 sided dice with 12 different positions (drawings are in a comic style) and let it decide for you. Colour: white/black. 3 x 3 x 3 cm. Material: acrylic. 

5,95 €
Flogger "Hit me Honey!"

 Purple flogger with a penis-shaped handle and rubber tails. Approx. 20 cm long. Material: penis PVC, flogger TPR.

6,95 €
Plastic Dice Set of 2 Diff Color
Manufacturer: NMC

Kahest täringust koosnev komplekt, millest õhel on peal tegevus ja teisel kehaosa, millel seda tegevust peab tegema.

5,95 €
Stripping Ball Pen "Man"

 Just turn the ball pen upside down and the men undress? Different colours and men (will be chosen at random).

3,99 €
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Sexy Body Glass Set

Two shot glasses (2 cl) with breasts and buttocks as a base-in a set. Approx. 6 cm high, 4.7 cm wide.

7,95 €
Card game "Penis"

54 hand card game plus 2 Joker with funny penis cartoons.

5,95 €
Table Dance Gläserset

6 small glasses, printed with erotic pictures of women in different positions. Content approx. 4 cl. Not dishwasher-proof.

9,95 €
Double Titty

24 hot images want to be revealed in pairs in this well known memory game for boob experts. Card game for 2-8 people. 48 cards.

11,95 €
Female Apron

Apron with realistic picture of a female torso. With white lace dessous. Material: 100% vinyl.

11,95 €
Key Ring Vibe

Small microphone shaped vibrator that can be attached to a set of keys. Black/pink. Total length approx. 6.5 cm, Ø 1-2 cm. Material: ABS, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH

7,95 €
Toilet Sticker

Uups- the ultimate toilet sticker. Measures: 220 x 280 mm. Material: PVC, paper.

5,95 €
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