Fuck Me Bare Mega Masturbator



Boasting realism in the absolute extreme, the full-sized Juicy Jennifer will 100% satisfy the man looking for the most true to life experience imaginable.

Curvy, slim and wonderfully weighty, Fuck Me Bare Mega Masturbator construction mimics smooth female skin with unbelievable precision, this mold of a petite woman is blissfully flexible, bending and twisting to suit any position desired. 

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Lenght (cm) 55
Weight (kg) 9
Color: nahavärvi

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Offering perky round breasts tipped rosy pink, a tight, exquisitely detailed pussy and snug little ass Fuck Me Bare is up for anything whenever you are- though all that plushness remains true to the female form.

Fuck Me Bare can be propped on on cushions, or placed flat facing up or down, whatever suits your mood.

Inside, she's as lifelike as out, offering tight, textured tunnels running about half the length of the doll.

As for cleaning, Fuck Me Bare can be rinsed through with warm water to clean the interior, and wiped with soapy water or a good toy cleaner outside.

Be sure to dry well before storage- a sprinkle of cornstarch based powder will restore the smooth softness if the material becomes tacky after cleaning.

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