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Glow-in-the Dark Sex! Card Game plays the same way as the Kheper Games Sex! Card game. There are three different games you can play that all result in building a fantasy of five Sex! cards. Then the couple acts out the positions in the order; red, yellow, green, blue and then purple. What’s unique and fun about this set is that the sex positions and card background glow in the dark. So you can read the title of the position against the background and see the sex position glowing as well against it’s non-glowing white back ground. “Our line of glow-in-the-dark games as well as our top-selling Sex! card game are all very popular in our line.” explains Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham. “It made sense to bring the two together and we are thrilled that our vendor was able to make cards that glow as this is not very available as a concept in the mainstream or adult markets.” 3 Ways to play and 30.000+ possible fantasies. You and your lover play a game to build a 5-card sexual fantasy together, then act it out completely in the dark! Includes: 40 cards and game rules.
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